For you to Recharge and Regenerate

Wave’Arts Care proposes an environment of holistic well being that permits a whole body alignment -emotionally, energetically and physically – by the videodartherapy “WAVE’ARTS CARE” and the quantum music based on sacred frequences.

What is Videodartherapy ?

The videoartherapy “Wave’Arts Care” is a bath of light projected on your body, dressed in white, immobile or evolving in a space at the core of your inspiration. A revolutionary technology in the methods of biofeedback. An immersive experience that is extremely powerful and unique in which the body comes alive with color and movement as in a live painting. It binds the imaginary to the principles of reality.

The creator has realised a universe of numeric images bound to fractal images, kaleidoscopes, algorithmic frequences, light, color and movements.

This bath induces the joy of producing and feeling that which is most intimate: the love of life and its creative movement. This extraordinary technology does not cure, nonetheless, it offers a precious contribution to create a propitious environment with desirable improvements.

This can unfold in a group, individually, or on your computer and/or tablet.


  • Recentre our centre of energy to liberate our infinite potential
  • Liberate our thoughts and our imagination
  • Liberate our thoughts to change our life
  • Develop our confidence and self esteem
  • Improve relaxation
  • Manage stress and conflicts
  • Exteriorise ideas, sentiments and emotions
  • Reduce anxiety
  • Improve humour
  • Contributes towards pain reduction
  • Improves the quality of sleep


proposes videodartherapy for other applications

The soothing music of Wave Arts Care is enriched with algorithmic quantum frequences that can reharmonize and act upon the cerebral waves.

Regarding the art video , it can create a bridge favouring the whole parasympathetic system – that part of the nervous system in charge of regenerating the body and soul. To watch and listen to several times a week. There are no contraindications of usage.


Action on the centres of energy

These are 7 videos whereby the music is supported by quantum algorithmic frequences.

These art videos are enriched by fractal images and kaleidoscopes.

Ancient books have been decoded and have revealed codes of seven electromagnetic sounds which correspond to seven notes that have disappeared from the range of ancient solfeges.

These frequences allow positive changes. They equally have powers of harmonization. Each of these seven notes from the range – ( Do, Re, Mi, Fa, Sol, La Si) are linked directly to each of the seven principal centres of energy also named chakras, and each of these chakras are linked to an organ and a level of conscience.

When the art video creates a bridge favouring the whole parasympathetic system, that part of the autonomous nervous system is in charge of regenerating the body and soul.

To view and listen to several times a week. There are no contraindications of use.