About Me

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  • Professor of Artistic Education in singing.
  • Member of Sacem, Adagp, House of Artists.
  • Music Therapy at the CIM in Paris
  • Certified Silva Method
  • Trained in Quantum Naturo
  • Certified in Cardiac Coherence: “HearthMath Institute” Method

Once Upon a Time there was Suzel

I was born into a family of Italian musicians……..nomads, daughter of the violinist Pierrine Dalmasso and niece of the accordionist Linette Dalmasso. I started to play the piano and dance at the age of 4 and compose music at the age of 6.

At 12 years of age, I entered into the MAITRISE de RADIO FRANCE where I benefited from musical experience and an extremely prolific study in France and abroad, filled with unforgettable encounters such as with my teachers:

Michel Piquemal, Gerda Hartman, Jacques Jouineau, Harry Cox, Roger Calmel…..

By participating in many wonderful vocal works, from Gregorian chant to Baroque music, operas, classical music, contemporary, from conductors, choirs, singers, actors such as:

  • Seiji Osawa, Gilbert Amy, Pierre Dervaux, Bernard Thomas, Michel Plasson, Lorin Maazel, Ivo Malec, Bruno
  • Amaducci, Guy Rebel, Nello Santi, Rostropovitch, Pierre Doury……
  • The Choir of Radio France, The Choir of the Opera Garnier, The Red Army Choir…….
  • Pavarotti, Domingo, Carreras, R. Streich…..
  • Y. Vincent, D. Evenou, F. Ardant……

I continued my apprenticeships in conservatories and university in musicology and cinema.
SACEM welcomes me at 16 years old.
Followed a career as a soloist and a career of singing teacher, in various conservatories including the CRR of Caen for the MAITRISE DE CAEN alongside R.Weddle.
I wanted to make some musical productions that included singing classes, various instrumental ensembles, ballets in operettas, musicals and operas.

At the same time the writing made me realize various albums of relaxation music, traditional Italian music and world music.My research on voice, body health, soul health and quantum physics led me to “build” energy rebalancing protocols by “video-therapy”, “WAVE ARTS CARE”, bringing together the frequencies that transmit colors, images and sounds based on the Sacred Solfeggio.

In addition, my passion for special effects, colors and movements led me to the artistic creation of SYMPHONIES PICTURALES.
This expression of contemporary art videos allowed me to explore another path, creating the relationship between visual art, music and technology.
These symphonies offer immense possibilities to repaint the real, to explore new spaces.
They release the word, the creative dimension, and offer the means to communicate my synchronized mental images to my music or to those of other contemporary composers like Marybel Dessagnes, Patrick Ascione, Pierre Boulez ….

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